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Gallery of Bad Ashtray Solutions...

All photos taken all in a small rural SE Minnesota city(Winona, MN).
Many different outdoor ashtray solutions were found. Some even creative...
Most offer a messy look, often with trash and other garbage left behind.

Bad Outdoor Ashtray Solution
Outside a convenience store. The open sand based urn solution most often just looks bad.
Usually trash, gum and other garbage are also there along with smelly cigarette butts.

Picnic table Ashtray
Outdoor Ashtray screwed to side of a picnic table used in employee break areas.

Yellow bucket Outdoor Ashtray
Yellow 1 gallon bucket served as employee break area outdoor ashtray.
Regular beach sand was used for weight.
After a rain, water can build up and cause the wet cigarettes to give off stronger odors.

Larger orange flower pot
Here is a unique solution. We found this in front of a building supplier franchise store.
A larger orange flower pot outdoor ashtray complete with it's own fire marshall sign.

2nd Larger orange flower pot
Flower pot solution from above. Show next to an outdoor trash receptacle.

5 gallon bucket outdoor ashtray
Aluminum rounded top covers this 5 gallon pail fix.
A grid on top is suppose to block garbage from getting inside the ashtray.
Once garbage starts collecting in the ashtray a fire hazard has been created.

Rusty paint can outdoor ashtray
Old paint can. This rusty old can encouraged people to toss in their cigarette butts.
Many were found around the area.
Most people don't want to bend down. Some may not even be able to.

1 gallon pail outdoor ashtray
The 1 gallon pail. This was very commonly used around city bars.
Unfortunately, it can quickly attract flammable paper products.
Here you see that many smokers can't or won't bother to bend over to use.